Monsta X members

The members for Monsta X have been chosen through the show ‘No.Mercy’.
They have debuted in May 2015 under Starship entertainment.
Monsta X comes from ‘Mon’ which is ‘my’ in french and from ‘star’, so my star.
Their fanclub name is ‘Mon bebe’ which means ‘my baby’ in french.
Their official twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Their logo:


Group picture:
monsta x prof
monsta X 'normal'



shownu 2016shownu 2015

Real name: Son Hyun Woo

Stage name: Shownu

Birthday: 18 June 1992

Position: leader, dancer

Height: 179 cm

Blood type: O



wonho concept pic
wonho fan pic

Real name: Shin Ho Seok

Stage name: Wonho

Birthday: 1 March 1993

Position: vocal, dancer

Height: 176 cm

Blood type: B



minhyuk 2016minhuyk 2015

Real name: Lee Min Hyuk

Stage name: Minhyuk

Birthday: 3 November 1993

Position: vocal

Height: 177 cm

Blood type: A



kihyun 2016kihyun 2015

Real name: Yoo Ki Hyun

Stage name: Kihyun

Birthday: 22 November 1993

Position: main vocal

Height: 175 cm

Blood type: B



hyungwon 2016hyungwon 2015

Real name: Chae Hyung Won

Stage name: Hyungwon

Birthday: 15 January 1994

Position: vocal, visual

Height: 181 cm

Blood type: O



jooheon 2016jooheon 2105

Real name: Lee Joo Heon

Stage name: Jooheon

Birthday: 6 October 1994

Position: main rapper

Height: 177 cm

Blood type: O



I.M 2016I.M 2015

Real name: Im Chang Kyun

Stage name: I.M

Birthday: 26 January 1996

Position: rapper, maknae

Height: 175 cm

Blood type: O