• I really recommend the  songs ‘Look here’ and ‘Let me know’, from the album ‘Dark&Wild’ from BTS. Even though I really like every song of the album lately I have listened to those 2 non stop. Seriously this is one of my favorites album ever, the song I like the least is ‘Danger’.


  • I like a lot of songs from the album ‘2014 S/S’ from Winner, but lately I have been listening to Minos solo song ‘I’m him’ and to the song ‘Love is a Lie’. Those to songs are really great and i love the ‘I’m him’ mv.


  • If you haven’t watched the mv yet I recommend you to watch BTOBs mv for ‘Your so fly’. The mv is funny, I like it a lot too because the style is a bit like in the mv for ‘Beep Beep’. I like the song, but I don’t love it, I prefer the other songs of the album.

btob move

  • A song that gives me back all the energy that school takes away from me is ‘Kira Kira Killer’ from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which is really energetic. The video of the song is like every other video from her colorful, strange and cute ^^.


  • Another song I recommend is ‘Dash’ from M.I.B even if i want to recommend their whole album ‘The Maginot Line’.

m.i.b maginot line



Song recommendation:

It’s the debut mv of B.I.G ( Boys in groove). I really like their idea of using a flag in the beginning. I also like that they say hello in different languages even if their french pronunciation isn’t that good ^^. Enjoy the mv ^^.