Mix & Match

The new survival show from YG starts 11 september at 11pm(korean time). Don’t miss it!
You can stream it here:
The show is gonna feature:
B.I, Kim Jinhwan, Bobby, Kim Donghyuk, Song Yoonhyung and Junhoe who you already know if you watched WIN because they are from Team B.
And 3 new rookies: Hongsuk, Jinhyeong and Chanwoo
At the end of the show members are going to get eliminated, the others are going to debut as IKON.
However B.I, Bobby and Kim Jinhwan are already sure to debut with iKON.


Who is next (WIN)

WIN is a TVShow.
You can watch it subbed on youtube. I recomand you to watch the ones that Winnersubs uploads.
YGEntertainment decided to make a boygroup debut, it’s the first one since Bigbang’s debut so allmost 8 years. The group will be called WINNER.
Still it’s not so simple the members have not been confirmed, to do choose who will debut the show WIN has been created. The show is a survival battle show. The 2 teams team A and team B will “fight” against eachother. The winner team will be called WINNER and will debut, the other team will debut but like 4 years later.

In the 5 episode team A will have Taeyang as coach an team B will have G-Dragon. The other Bigbang member and 2NE1 will be the judges for the 2 teams on the 6 episode.