Zankyou no Terror

Zankyou no terror/ Terror in Resonance is an anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. It’s a mystery/thriller anime.

A terrorist group suddenly attacks Tokyo, the only hint is a video which the group posted before the attack. In the video the culprits introduce themselves as ‘Sphinx’. What nobody knows is that the people behind ‘Sphinx’ are two adolescent boys called Nine and Twelve, both of them should not even exist. They want to wake up the world with their attacks.


This anime is really good and is really suspenseful. Through the anime you slowly get to know them and their past. It’s a really interesting anime and the images are really good. I really recommend it to everyone.

Here a little video where you can see Nine, Twelve and the attack.

Hope you will like this anime as much as i liked it ^^.


Darwin’s Game:

Darwin’s Game is a manga from Flipflops.
The main character Sudo Kaname downloads Darwin’s Game on his phone, because he thinks it’s only a game.
Soon he finds out that it’s not a normal game where you have to defeat virtual opponents. In this game you have to kill real people or else you are killed.


It’s a really good manga and I recommend it to anyone^^.
The story is very original and suspenseful, the drawing is really nice too.