DIA members

They debuted in September 2015 under ‘MBK Entertainment’.
DIA is short for ‘Diamond’ and is an acronym for ‘Do It Amazing’.

Their official Twitter: @dia_official
Their official Instagram: @mbk.dia

Group picture:





Real name: Heo Soo Yeon

Stage name: Eunice

Birthday: 2 September 1991

Position: leader, main vocal

Height: 166 cm



Real name: Ki Hee Hyun

Stage name: Heehyun

Birthday: 16 June 1995

Position: main rapper, dancer

Height: 166 cm

Instagram: @khh1995_a


JENNYJenny Jenny

Real name: Lee So Yul

Stage name: Jenny

Birthday: 14 Semptember 1996

Position: vocal

Height: 165 cm




Real name: Baek Ye Bin

Stage name: Yebin

Birthday: 13 July 1997

Position: vocal

Height: 166 cm



Real name: Ahn Eun Jin

Stage name: Eunjin

Birthday: 31 August 1997

Position: main dancer, rapper, vocal

Height: 170 cm


CHAEYEONchaeyeon CHaeyeon

Real name: Jeong Chae Yeon

Stage name: Chaeyeon

Birthday: 1 December 1997

Position: vocal, visual

Height: 163 cm

Instagram: @j_chaeyeoni



Real name: Kwon Eun Chae

Stage name: Eunchae

Birthday: 26 May 1999

Position: main vocal, maknae



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