Topp Dogg members:

Topp Dogg debuted in 2013 with ‘say it’, under Stardom entertainment.

Their fans are called Topp Klass.

(The kingdoms mentionend are the future subgroups)

topp doggtopp dogg 2topp dogg logo



topp-dogg_1381290519_af_orgTopp dogg P goon

Real name: Park Sa Hyuk

Stage name: P-Goon

Birthday: 18 October 1991

Positon: leader, vocal, dance

Height: 176cm

Weight: 58kg

Twitter: @Toppdogg_PGoon

Kingdom: Dragon


Topp Dogg JenissiTopp dogg jenissi

Real name: Kim Tae Yang

Stage name: Jenissi

Birthday: 2 August 1991

Position: main rapper

Height: 174cm

Weight: 62kg

Teitter: @jenissi9

Kingdom: Lion

KIDOH:TOpp Dogg KidhoTopp dogg Kidoh2

Real name: Jin Hyo Sang

Stage name: Kidoh

Birhday: 16 December 1992

Position: producer, lyricist, rapper

Height: 179cm

Weight: 55kg

Twitter: @kidoh92

Kingdom: Knight


Topp dogg SeogoongToppp dogg Seogoong

Real name: Park Hyun Ho

Stage name: Seogoong

Birthday: 1 May 1992

Position: main vocal

Height: 179cm

Weight: 65kg

Twitter: @parkhh9251

Kingdom: Lion


Topp dogg gohnTopp Dogg Gohn2

Real name: Kim Dong Sung

Satge name: Gohn

Birthday: 1 August 1992

Position: main vocal

Height: 183cm

Weight: 68kg

Twitter: @dskknd

Kingdom: Lion


Topp Dogg HojoonTopp Dogg Hojoon 2

Real name: Jeon Ho Joon

Stage name: Hojoon

Birthday: 13 October 1992

Position: vocal, dance

Height: 173cm


Twitter: @hojune92

Kingdom: Wizard


Topp-Dogg-reveals-member-number-10-Sangdotopp dogg sangdo2

Real name: Yu Sang Do

Stage name: Sangdo

Birthday: 2 March 1993

Position: vocal

Height: 181cm

Weight: 63kg

Kingdom: Dragon


topp dogg naktatopp dogg naktaReal name: Shin Yoon Cheol

Stage name: Nakta

Birthday: 2 April 1993

Position: vocal

Height: 185cm


Kingdom: Knight


Topp dogg hansolTopp dogg hansol 2

Real name: Kim Han Sol

Stage name: Hansol

Birthday: 15 June 1993

Position: vocal, dance

Height: 172cm

Weight: 61kg

Kingdom: Wizard


Topp dogg b joo

Topp dogg Bjoo2

Real name: Kim Byung Joo

Stage name: B-Joo

Birthday: 8 January 1994

Position: vocal, dance

Height: 175cm

Weight: 55kg

Kingdom: Wizard


topp dogg xerotopp dogg xero2

Real name: Shin Ji Ho

Stage name: Xero

Birthday: 3 February 1994

Position: dance, rap

Height: 181cm

Weight: 61kg

Twitter: @ShinJiho94

Kingdom: Wizard


Topp dogg atom,Topp dogg Atom

Real name: Kim Sang Gyun

Stage name: A-Tom

Birthday: 23 May 1995

Position: rap

Height: 178cm

Weight: 62kg

Twitter: @boiwonda95

Kingdom: Knight


1378249_732328953462443_210961262_nTopp dogg yano

Real name: Seo Sang Won

Stage name: Yano

Birthday: 27 September 1995

Position: maknae, main rappper

Height: 178cm


Twitter: @YANOSEO

Kingdom: Lion


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