Who is next (WIN)

WIN is a TVShow.
You can watch it subbed on youtube. I recomand you to watch the ones that Winnersubs uploads.
YGEntertainment decided to make a boygroup debut, it’s the first one since Bigbang’s debut so allmost 8 years. The group will be called WINNER.
Still it’s not so simple the members have not been confirmed, to do choose who will debut the show WIN has been created. The show is a survival battle show. The 2 teams team A and team B will “fight” against eachother. The winner team will be called WINNER and will debut, the other team will debut but like 4 years later.

In the 5 episode team A will have Taeyang as coach an team B will have G-Dragon. The other Bigbang member and 2NE1 will be the judges for the 2 teams on the 6 episode.

MBLAQ profile

MBLAQ was a 5 member group created by Rain under J.Tune Camp, at the end of 2015 2 members left the group.
MBLAQ stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.

All of their blood type is A+ that’s why their fans are called A+.



Real name: Yang Seung Ho
Stage name: Seungho
Birthday: 16 October 1987
Position: leader, lead vocal
Height: 176cm
Weight: 63kg
Twitter: @MBLAQSH



Real name: Hung Byung Hee
Stage name: G.O
Birthday: 6 November 1987
Position: main vocal
Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Twitter: @MBLAQGO



Real name: Bang Cheol Yong
Stage name: Mir
Birthday: 10 March 1991
Position: main rapper, maknae
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Twitter: @bangmir




Real name: Lee Chang Sun
Stage name: Joon
Birthday: 7 February 1988
Position: vocalist, main dancer, face of the group
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg



Real name: Park Sang Hyun
Stage name: Cheondoong/Thunder
Birthday: 7 October 1990
Position: lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Twitter: @MBLAQCD

some Teen Top facts pt.2

Favorite fruit:

CAP: doesn’t really like food

Chunji: everything apart from watermelons

L.Joe: watermelon

Niel: melon, watermelon

Ricky: orange colored food

Changjo: melon, pineapple, apples, pears, mikans (madarin oranges), oranges


CAP: 0.4 0.3

Chunji: 0.5 1.0

L.Joe: secret it’s really bad (that’s his answer)

Niel: 2.0 2.0

Ricky: 1.0 1.0 ( he is not sure)

Changjo: 0.4 0.5


CAP , Chunji and Ricky have no religion.

Niel and L.Joe are christian.

Changjo is buddhist.

Favorite number:

CAP: 4

Chunji: 1,3,5,7

L.Joe: 11

Niel: 7

Ricky: 3

Changjo: 10 because you have 10 fingers

Favorite food:

CAP: rice kimchi

Chunji: mokchang(?)

L.Joe: all dishes that have meat in it

Niel: meat ( all kind )

Ricky: Jeyuk boggam (?)

Changjo: everything

Favorite season:

CAP: spring

Chunji: winter

L.Joe: winter

Niel: fall

Ricky: spring&fall

Changjo: spring&fall

Favorite weather:

CAP: dark and cool

Chunji: rainy days

L.Joe: rainy and snowy days

Niel: breezy and cool

Ricky: cool

Changjo: clear evenings

Favorite color:

CAP: black & white

Chunji: black & white

L.Joe: white, black & red

Niel: red & white

Ricky: white

Changjo: every color

Favorite sports:

CAP: working out

Chunji: basketball

L.Joe: basketball

Niel: soccer

Ricky: running

Changjo: working out and every sport that makes you sweat(?)


CAP makes a lot of spelling mistakes in English, but he still likes English.

Niel one said that he want to fall in love once he becomes an adult.

L.Joe’s favorite japanese phrase is: daisuki desu = I love you.

Changjo’s favorite japanese phrase is: aishitemasu= I lov you.

Chunji is more comfortable in his pyjama and L.Joe in a tank top and shorts.